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Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or lack of motivation? Perhaps you are looking to establish a wellness plan for a healthier lifestyle? Are you struggling with relationship issues, difficulty sleeping, medical problems? If so, counseling may be a great support for you to gain clarity into your difficulties and develop skills to overcome problems. I also assist clients with addiction, ADHD, trauma, and life transitions. Whatever your concern, I will work collaboratively with you in a mindful, compassionate way with the goal to help you have a joyful, meaningful life and move beyond limitations. I support clients to engage their inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and live from a place of joy & peace. I can also assist you with lifestyle adjustments (diet, exercise, sleep, substance use). Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavior, & Solution Focus are some therapies I offer to help uncover and shift core beliefs & negative self-talk that can cause suffering. Trust, compassion, and empathy a

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Treaty Oak Psychotherapy Austin, TX 78745

Treaty Oak Psychotherapy Austin, TX 78745