Alina Kheyson

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I love people, I want you to find your path to self, to your partner, to your child. I am a licensed psychotherapist I have experience working with adults, children, couples and families. I use various psychotherapeutic techniques, to create a personal approach to my clients roadblocks. I work with parents and children facilitating understanding, and fostering family relationships in difficult situations. I enjoy doing professional coaching, and have helped many clients to become successful in their personal, educational and career paths. My specializations are anxiety, depression, postpardum, first time parent guidance, tantrums career counseling, stress management, relationships, divorce, self-esteem, and problem solving. I employ a Person-Centered Holistic Approach. I believe in spirituality and have training in Theta Healing, and various alternate techniques. I have seen the bridges build by miscommunication, pain built by trauma, I have seen families destroyed over misunderstandin

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2502 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214

2502 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214