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Jie Zhao is a Therapist based in the USA. My areas of speciality include Coping Skills, Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Life Coaching, Peer Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress, and Women's Issues. This profile is currently unclaimed; please validate the details are current when communicating with the mental health professional.

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( English | 中文 ) Jie has experiences working with clients with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family upbringing, trauma history, self-exploratory needs, etc. Jie believes that clients have learned from past experiences and formed ways to perceive themselves and other people – anger, self-blame, distrust in others, underserving love, unhealthy boundaries. Jie not only works with clients on coping mechanisms about their presenting issues, but also provides compassion, understanding and care. Jie has experiences working with clients with different ages, genders, sexual orientations and cultures. Jie offers therapy in both English and Mandarin. Jie has been trained in CBT, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness and multicultural counseling. Jie focuses not only what causes the current concerns in the beginning, but also what people can do to actually change. Jie is empathetic, nonjudgmental and understanding, providing a safe space for clients to express freely. Jie is passionate about helping and making connections with her clients. Jie believes that therapy is a process for her and her clients to work as a team to fight together against any difficulties. 在心理咨询中,赵洁主要攻克焦虑、情绪低落、情感关系、家庭矛盾、创伤性经历和自我探索等问题。赵洁相信,我们每一个人都通过过往的经历建立了我们对自己和他人的认知:愤怒、愧疚感、自责、不自信、不相信他人、人际交往中的边界模糊问题等等。赵洁不仅帮助来访者解决实际问题,同时还向来访者表达理解、关爱和体谅。赵洁的来访者包括各种年龄段、性别、性取向和文化背景。 赵洁提供双语咨询(普通话/国语和英语)。赵洁接受过多种心理疗法的培训,包括认知行为治疗(CBT)、心理动力疗法、专注当下训练、多元文化心理治疗等。赵洁不仅专注于发现原因,同时也帮助来访者解决具体问题。在心理咨询中,赵洁尽力创造一个安全、无偏见的环境,让来访者随心所欲的表达他们的问题。

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Herald Square Psychology 19 W 34th Street PH Level New York
New York, New York 10001



Columbia University


(844) 985-0381

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