Noah Daniel Trepanier

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With everything that's happening in the world, you may be feeling a lot of fear, anxiety, and sadness. For many of us, our lives have been upended. Whether you have lost a job, are feeling isolated, or are in any way unmoored by the changes going on around you, there's no need for you to deal with it alone. However you are affected, it’s important to process whatever you're experiencing - especially if you were struggling at all before these recent events, which may have heightened what you were already feeling. I have always seen my job as helping others to understand their place in the world, which is more necessary now than ever. I offer a safe, nonjudgmental space in which we might foster a spirit of curiosity, empathy, and healing. I work psychoanalytically from a relational perspective, so I am particularly interested in learning how you relate to the people in your life, and how certain patterns have evolved, and then helping you to develop a way forward.

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303 Fifth Avenue Suite 802 New York, NY 10016

303 Fifth Avenue Suite 802 New York, NY 10016