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Do you have that feeling like, this is not how I want things to be? Well, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Maybe your feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out everything and turning to anger when it gets difficult? People may say they laugh, and smile in my office because they feel HEARD and Validated with me as his or her therapist. I offer the ability to EXPRESS YOURSELF in many ways, which youth and adults say helps them open-up without the awkward eye contact. That’s right I have the sand, markers, swords, toys etc. my clients show excitement to engage in therapy without just lying on a couch. Finding yourself shutting others out because they do not understand your feelings. However, still longing for a feeling of connection to others even if it is not in the healthiest way. We are going to work together to create a plan for RECONNECTION. Ever think to yourself what’s wrong with me for not know how to fix it, I should know how to fix it? My educated/certified/profession

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West Sacramento, CA 95691

West Sacramento, CA 95691