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None of us becomes who we are in isolation. We’ll work together in a safe and collaborative environment to set and follow the trajectory toward your own definition of success. I have experience with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and trauma. A specialty of my practice is working with transgender and gender nonconforming individuals and their families.

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I take a collaborative approach to therapy and believe you carry with you the answers necessary to move toward change and healing. Whether we are working toward a particular goal or engaging in a broader process of self-discovery, it is my job to facilitate, engage and empower. Your role is to bring your whole self and be open to the process as we build skills, increase internal motivation, and work toward a newly imagined future experience.

Life gives us so many messages that make it hard to reach out and ask for the support we need, much less to a stranger, but therapy can be an empowering experience. No matter what your story is, we will find a way to navigate through the possibilities to find and achieve an improved sense of equilibrium and ease.

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