Are You Struggling With Gender Identity?

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If someone questions their gender identity, they may experience stigma from their peers and society around them, body dysmorphia, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Gender identity is different than anatomical sex. Anatomical sex has to do with the biology a person is born with — genitals, chromosomes, and hormones. Gender identity is someone’s sense of who they are — man, woman, non-binary, or something else entirely.

Therapy for gender identity concerns involves validating any questions the person has. It’s difficult to question gender identity in a world structured in a gender binary system, where usually only “man” and “woman” are accepted.

Available Treatment Options

Therapist interventions involve an empathetic, safe space for people to explore themselves, develop social and community supports, work to discover self-esteem and a sense of identity, address identity concerns, and create positive ways to cope with the stress and emotions that arise.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Gender Identity

Wisdom Within Counseling PLLC


North Carolina

My name is Laura Fisher-Caudill (she/her), and as a trauma therapist and human, I am excited to get to know you. As a highly sensitive, empathetic person with big emotions, I love helping other empathetic humans heal from past trauma.

Leon Ginn



Ginn Counseling, LLC, provides virtual therapy to individuals, couples, and families in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and all of Pennsylvania. Click here to meet our therapist, Leon Ginn, MSPC, LPC.

Stephanie Mason, LMFT



Together, we will create a space of emotional safety where you feel seen, heard and understood. My specialty is in Complex Trauma, Chronic Pain, PTSD and Low Self Esteem. Call today for a free consultation!

Dr. Lucie M. Taustine, Ph.D.

Massapequa Park

New York

My approach to understanding people is grounded in diverse psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory; I believe in both conscious and unconscious motivations for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Since not all patients want or need the same type of treatment, my skillset includes: psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic hypnosis, holistic approaches...

Birch Cooper, LMHC

New York

New York

I believe everyone has a time in their life when they could benefit from additional support. When facing life’s challenges, it is helpful to know that there is a place you can turn to for help and guidance. I understand finding a therapist can be anxiety inducing, rest assured I provide a comfortable space that is safe, accepting and judgement free. This and my authentic and empathetic therapeu...