What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

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Motivational Enhancement Therapy is for people dealing with substance use issues. Its goal is to move people from ambivalence (not caring either way) about substance use to being internally motivated and action-oriented toward change.

MET uses assessments to discover more about you and how and why you might use substances to cope. Then, your counselor will help you develop self-motivating beliefs and statements that you can use to encourage change within yourself.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy helps you identify the risks involved with continued substance use, understand your responsibility for changing behavior, and find inherent skills that help transform your behaviors. The goal isn’t to shame people for their actions but to help them see how they are worthy of changing their behaviors to align their life with their goals. Your counselor might help you identify the discrepancies in your goals and your substance use. Together, you’ll discuss ways your actions are harmful to achieving your goals. Your counselor will help you identify and develop inner strengths to focus on change. Together, you’ll create an action plan and identify internal resources, such as strength, commitment, and dedication, and external resources, like your counselor, a self-help group, or supportive individuals in your life.

MET also can be helpful for individuals with addictive behaviors such as gambling, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using MET