Sammie L Forrester

Therapist in Oklahoma


School: Cameron University

Year Graduated: 2015

License: Oklahoma / 1261

Who I Serve

As a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, I view the family like a tree. The individual branches represent each person in the family. The branch may be cracked, broken, weathered, or weak but remains a vital, living part of the tree. Together, we will repair the branches to provide stability and strength to the family. I am willing to walk alongside you in whatever journey you're facing without judgement. As we walk together, I will open my heart, offer unconditional support to help you let go of judgement, control, and heal your deep wounds so that you can live life with more peace for a hopeful future. I will utilize a blended approach of Structural Family Therapy coupled with Experiential Family Therapy and the SERVE model to create a unique opportunity for change by identifying dysfunctional patterns, clarifying boundaries, promoting behavioral modification, and interdependent functioning within the family subsystems with genuine warmth and compassion. Only when compassion is pre

Contact Information

Our House MHSA, Inc. 1206 N. Hwy 81, Suite 2 Duncan, OK 73533

Our House MHSA, Inc. 1206 N. Hwy 81, Suite 2 Duncan, OK 73533