Milo S Wilson

Psychologist in Virginia

Who I Serve

As a psychologist there is nothing I love more than helping people who are ready to learn new ways of coping to make meaningful changes in their lives! I have three areas of expertise. I provide private, specialized, and personalized Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based therapies for anxiety and depression. I am passionate about working with LGBTQ+ adults in therapy to create an affirming, therapeutic space for working on LGBTQ+ specific or general mental health concerns, such as anxiety or depression. I love helping transgender adults develop a healthy, positive identity as a trans person and navigate transition. I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based therapies. I understand that there is no one size fits all approach to therapy. We will work together to identify the best approach for helping you make changes that will let you live your best life. Asking for help and making life changes is hard! You don't have to do it alone. Regardless of the reason you are

Contact Information

530 East Main Street Suite 530 Richmond, VA 23219

530 East Main Street Suite 530 Richmond, VA 23219