Leonard LaGarde III

Therapist in Michigan

Who I Serve

We are all on a journey together. This world that we live in can be incredibly beautiful, daunting and abysmal at the same time. It can be easy in our current culture to get lost in electronics, work, school, family, trauma, etc. We often begin to define ourselves by our work, car, and endless things. ​This is not the essential self, we were not born to be lost in this suffering. I believe we can work together to create the world that you dream of, and we can have real human heart to heart interactions. Through these encounters we discover ourselves, and begin to heal and live from our heart in an authentic and beautiful way. I practice humanistic and existential therapy. I believe in working to uncover what is blocking you from living an authentic life.

Contact Information

504 S. Creyts rd. Suite A Lansing, MI 48917

504 S. Creyts rd. Suite A Lansing, MI 48917