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My approach is holistic and integrative. Whether you seek therapy as part of your self-care hygiene or are working toward specific goals, I provide a person centered container for this work. I am experienced in treating a variety of problem areas including trauma, coping challenges, grief and relationship difficulties. I am also specialized in treating individuals with and affected by addiction.

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Therapist Overview

I blend my foundational training of psychology with somatic, energetic and spiritual methodologies to address the whole person. In my individual, group and energetic offerings, I take an active role in this collaborative work and provide concrete teachings and tools to help those wishing to make positive, lasting changes in their lives.
I provide both individual support and group offerings addressing many of the fundamental struggles people face today:
codependency & self esteem


relationship issues

career difficulties

life transitions


mood difficulties (anxiety /depression/stuck anger)

Developing tools and skills, increasing our conscious awareness and learning how to esteem ourselves, we become empowered to maneuver many of life’s challenges in both our professional and personal lives.

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183 Midland Ave
Montclair, New Jersey 7042




MA &Edm Counseling Psychology


(646) 450-5563