What is Harm Reduction Therapy?

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Therapists use harm reduction with people who experience drug use to reduce chances for overdose or transmission of infectious diseases while improving their mental, physical, and social well-being. 

Harm reduction offers these clients health care, social services, and mental health treatment. It connects clients with education, referrals for infectious disease treatment, overdose reversal medications, and links to care. It also reduces the stigma associated with substance use and promotes healing through hope by empowering peer support from those in recovery. 

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I strive to provide high quality-care, education, and coordination of care with other health-care providers to ensure the best possible patient outcome. I value having the capability of delivering affordable health care to all members of the community regardless of medical insurance/financial status.

Brian Noonan, PMHNP-BC



Hello! I’m Brian Noonan, and I’m passionate about supporting your mental health journey. I’ve dedicated my career to helping adults navigate the complexities of their minds and emotions. My approach is personalized, integrating psychiatric evaluations with thoughtful medication management and the calming practice of mindfulness. You can trust that you’re in experienced hands. Your mental wellne...
Services provided outpatient substance abuse to those affected by drugs and/or alcohol. I offer treatment for clients with co-occurring disorders, individuals with mental health disorders, and addiction issues. Provide Non-DOT & DOT Substance Abuse Services to ensure that agencies and employees comply with U.S. DOT Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Anger Management and Parenti...

Robert Rosolanko, LSW


New Jersey

Accomplished, multi-faceted individual with over 15 years of experience in the retail marketing industry before moving into the chemical dependency, medical coding and social work fields for the past 15 years. Proven ability to plan, administer, coordinate and execute successful programs. Strong team leader with a track record of coordinating effectively with a wide range of sources to achieve ...

Craig Salerno



“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.” -Carl Rogers. I am interested in blending the evidenced-based practices of Western psychotherapy with the wisdom and compassion of Eastern psychology. No matter the issue at hand, therapy first aims at bringing more openness, clarity, and non-judgemental exploration to the parts of ourselves that bring fear and trep...

Rachel Khints LMHC


New Jersey

My approach is holistic and integrative. Whether you seek therapy as part of your self-care hygiene or are working toward specific goals, I provide a person centered container for this work. I am experienced in treating a variety of problem areas including trauma, coping challenges, grief and relationship difficulties. I am also specialized in treating individuals with and affected by addiction.