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Schema Therapy rests on the theory that people have conceptual ideas about common human experiences, such as relationships. Early childhood experiences, some of which can be maladaptive, affect these schemas. Schemas affect how people think about themselves and how they think about themselves in relationships with others.

Your therapist will ask questions about your childhood and how you form relationships, specifically if there were any attachment injuries (such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, or other types of trauma with your primary caregivers).

Schema Therapy recognizes that your emotions correspond with how you relate to others. Your maladaptive schemas can also be affected by the particular environment in which you experienced your formative years.

Your therapist will then ask about your current patterns of relating and how you form relationships as an adult. The goal is to identify and explore how these maladaptive schemas affect you in your present life and replace them with more positive ways of relating with others.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Schema Therapy

One Call Away Counseling

Las Vegas


*** Accepting new clients*** “Caring Starts Today” If you are feeling depressed, anxious or have an unhealthy relationship with porn and sex. Couples that need help with communication or are in distress, help is available. I will work with you to achieve your goals and find strategies you can use in your journey. I am here to listen to you with compassion, empathy and understanding. I will walk...

Bryan Young, LPC



Wylie Community counlseing helps indivduals familes and couples struggleing with mental health and equps them to build lasting realtionships.
I assist those whose anxiety takes over at the worst possible moments and you have no idea how to calm down or make it stop. I walk along side those whose depression, negative self talk, and low self-esteem has taken their life from them but can’t pinpoint the cause or “why”. I take a direct but compassionate solution-focused approach to assist you in reaching your goals.

Birch Cooper, LMHC

New York

New York

I believe everyone has a time in their life when they could benefit from additional support. When facing life’s challenges, it is helpful to know that there is a place you can turn to for help and guidance. I understand finding a therapist can be anxiety inducing, rest assured I provide a comfortable space that is safe, accepting and judgement free. This and my authentic and empathetic therapeu...

Taylor Barragan, LMFT, RN, CLC



I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and current psychiatric nurse practitioner student. I also have training as a lactation counselor and in perinatal mental health. I work with people experiencing perinatal mental health challenges, grief, and loss. I also have extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, burnout and relationship issues.
Are you struggling with anxiety, disordered eating, depression, trauma, loss, or a life transition? Is your child struggling to adjust to new life circumstances that have brought on behavioral concerns? Life brings challenges and with those challenges comes opportunity for growth. If you are ready to embark on a new path towards self-discovery, I am here to offer guidance and the skills for...

Michael Finnegan


New York

Congratulations for taking this initial step on the path of growth and healing. The counseling services I provide are meant to aid in the psychological, emotional and existential growth of individuals who are suffering beyond their present ability to cope and who desire to move beyond merely coping, but to living more authentically and wholeheartedly. ​As a mental health clinician I provide men...

Whitney Sims



Like characters from our favorite stories, we often get stuck when we encounter obstacles on the journey toward who/where we want to be. Perhaps you’re at a stuck point. Perhaps you’re dealing with shame, self-doubt, traumatic stress, grief, anxiety, emotional imbalance, unstable relationships, or an outlook that only seems to be hurting you. I have some good news: “stuckness” doesn’t have to b...

Sam Rake



Telemed and video counseling are optional during the covid-19 crisis. If you are looking for a counselor, then most likely you are at a standstill, something has happened, and you are experiencing concern and maybe discomfort. You need someone that will focus on you, listen to you, and to help you develop a plan or solution that will help. I work with married couples, children and adolescents,...

Health Allies Counseling



Are you struggling to understand a relationship that may be abusive, or trying to heal from a relationship you know is abusive? Health Allies specializes in healing from narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and adult children of childhood abuse. If you have struggled with relationships with family members or romantic partners who have personality disorders, psychotic disorders or substance...