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Specializing in Functional Medicine, Mental Health, Adolescent Medicine, Family Medicine, and Holistic Medicine, I treat a wide range of conditions including Women’s Health, Anxiety, Depression, Menstrual issues, Mental health, Sexual health, Chronic fatigue, Digestive issues, Hormonal imbalances, Autoimmune disorders, Inflammation, Detoxification, Metabolic dysfunction, Nutritional deficiencies, Stress reduction, Nutritional counseling, Hormone balancing, Anxiety relief, Immune support, and etc

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From 2021 to 2022, I committed myself to empowering women through the creation of personalized treatment plans and the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity via telemedicine.

Prior to this, spanning from 2018 to 2021, I was deeply engaged in addiction medicine at Cornerstone of Southern California in Santa Ana. In this role, I provided compassionate care across diverse settings, including detox units and residential facilities. My approach is characterized by its thoroughness and gentleness, rooted in the belief that understanding your narrative is essential, achieved through comprehensive history-taking and physical examinations.

My treatment philosophy is holistic, addressing both your physical and mental health needs. Whether prescribing medications or advocating for lifestyle adjustments, my aim is to optimize your overall well-being. Through close collaboration with psychiatry teams, I endeavor to deliver healthcare that not only heals but also educates you and your support network.

I am committed to supporting your journey toward improved health with care that is both effective and compassionate. Together, let us embark on a path toward your optimal well-being.

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