Are You Struggling With Sexual Problems?

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An array of problems may affect a person’s sex life, including depression, physical conditions, or past abuse. Some people may experience anxiety when engaging in sex or sexual dysfunction. Others may experience painful sex. Still, others may be affected by a mental health concern that causes problematic sexual behavior, which is particularly concerning in childhood and adolescence. Whatever the case, counseling interventions that are effective for people with sexual problems include sex therapy, couples therapy, and trauma-focused therapy.

Available Treatment Options

Therapists always do their due diligence to make sure no physical problems are causing the sexual problems, then work with the individual to discover the root of their sexual problems. Therapy may include addressing past trauma, practicing relaxation and somatic exercises, or brainstorming ways to make sex more enjoyable.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Sexual Problems

Hey! My goal as your therapist is to support and empower you to focus on your strengths in order to become the best version of yourself possible. I help my clients cope with the psychological and emotional difficulties that underlie our unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. I am multi-culturally trained to work with people from diverse backgrounds. I ensure that regardless of sex, race, orientation...