Are You Struggling With Workplace Issues?

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Workplace issues are sometimes difficult to leave at work and could cause distress in other areas of life. If someone is having a problem with their performance at their job, a coworker or a boss, or are generally unsatisfied in their career, counseling can help.

Available Treatment Options

Career counselors work specifically on assessing and matching people with interests and job fields that align with their strengths and experiences.

If someone is dealing with job stress, they may seek counseling to work on stress management techniques.

Counseling interventions include cognitive techniques, where therapists help the person examine their unhelpful thought patterns related to the workplace. They also include reflective techniques, such as examining a person’s self-image and past to understand the relation of those experiences to their current functioning, or mindfulness techniques like meditation, journaling, and breathing tactics that work to reduce stress.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Workplace Issues

Jennifer Ortiz, MS, LPC


New Jersey

I'm Jenn, an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor with a decade in the field. I assist with anxiety, depression, relationships, and life stress. Proficient in English and Spanish, I provide a culturally sensitive therapy space. Start your journey in a secure, non-judgmental environment with a skilled therapist.

Naureen Dharani (She Her)

New York

New York

I first and foremost come from a south asian background. Growing up, I had difficulties navigating my parents well-intentioned parenting styles which led me to becoming someone who did not know how to process emotions, communicate my needs, and accept myself for who I am. Through my own therapy I have overcome many struggles I presently observe in the South Asian community. I have to come reali...
Therapy is a unique and challenging experience that can offer great rewards. In fact, self-work is a large contributor to helping us achieve progress in our lives. The difficult thoughts and feelings that we hold deep within ourselves, can negatively impact our mood, success, health and overall happiness; that is, until we make the brave decision to unearth, examine, and learn from them in the ...

Brenda Swift, MS, LPC



Are you always tired or sleeping too little or too much? Do you have headaches and stress? Are you bored with your life, but don’t know what you enjoy or what interests you? Maybe it’s time for a change, but you can’t let go of the past. I specialize in helping depressed and anxious people analyze and see their circumstances differently. I consider the whole body. How you live, eat, sleep, and...
Your story matters. We all weave a narrative unique to ourselves and as a result, there is no “one size fits all” modality of counseling. Here at A. King Counseling and Consultation, your narrative is our focus. We strive to understand what drives you and what causes you to get stuck; to understand your individual highs and lows in order to make the most impactful change possible in your life.