Are You Struggling With Self Harming?

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Self-harm is intentionally harming one’s own body. It could include cutting, burning, or hitting one’s self. It’s often a way of releasing emotional pain. People can experience other mental health concerns alongside self-harm, including depression, anxiety, or trauma.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling interventions for self-harm include cognitive and behavioral interventions and discovering or processing past trauma. Sometimes, if a person understands the causes of their emotional pain, it can reduce the behavior.

Behavioral interventions include replacing the harmful behavior with healthier ones, like snapping a rubber band on the wrist when someone has the urge to self-harm.

Cognitive interventions include examining thought processes that a person has when they feel the urge to self-harm.

Family therapy, group therapy, or inpatient rehabilitation can also be helpful for self-harm.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Self Harming

Lisa Audino



A desire to change is often forged in hardships that are overwhelming, painful, and cause suffering. It can be a difficult path to navigate alone. A therapeutic relationship based on trust, open communication, respect, and empathy is fundamental to overcoming struggles. Whether it is during a transition, an acute issue, or mental illness, I work to provide a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental…

Katharina Krison LCSW



It takes bravery to reach out and allow someone else in on our personal healing journey. I believe in meeting people where they are, and equipping them with the tools they need to walk into healing and connect with deeper insight and peace. Walking through trauma, chronic pain, and grief are oftentimes some of the most difficult winters that a person can face, but allowing oneself to bravely be...

Chelsea Kuehl, MA, LMFT, CATC-IV

Los Angeles


Chelsea utilizes evidenced based practices to teach clients the skills to more fully engage in their life.  As part of this, Chelsea works with clients to balance acceptance and change.  Balancing acceptance and change assists clients to navigate facts of their lives while working to problem solve areas where change is desired.  As part of this, there is a focus on becoming more skillful in emo...
Stephanie L. Sullivan is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey. Clients can be seen at Sullivan Counseling Services either in-person at our office in Howell, NJ or via Telehealth services. Stephanie is certified in both Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and trained in play therapy.
Certified Nurse Practitioner board certified in psychiatry and addictions. Solo practitioner with over two decades of experience. My client base is patients 17 years of age and upwards. I find that treating people  and being part of their life’s journey is the greatest experience I have ever had. It is a privilege to be invited into their inner most thoughts. For decades  treating people with a...