Spencer E Biel

Psychologist in Illinois


School: George Washington University

Year Graduated: 2006

License: Illinois / 071009876

Who I Serve

In my experience people seek treatment because they are struggling to bear adversity and to engage their lives. Symptoms express efforts to manage and communicate overwhelming emotions. For example, anxiety and depression are coded messages requiring translation. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to bring what is unbearable or confusing to another person so that over time it can be tolerated, understood, and situated in its proper context. Through learning more about your resources, vulnerabilities, and customary adaptations to stress, you can exercise more freedom in the choices you make. I specialize in addressing how people’s struggles are influenced by their familial and social environments, both as encountered and held in mind. I am interested in the formation of patterns of thinking, relating with others, and expressing emotions, with a particular focus on how people make changes to these patterns when they are unfulfilling.

Contact Information

3322 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60657

3322 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60657