What is EcoTherapy?

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EcoTherapy rests on the theory that people and nature connect. These therapists believe connecting to nature is necessary for human healing. They think activities performed in nature, caring for nature, or simply being in nature can help individuals with anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns.

There can be positive effects on mental health when people spend time in nature, which is a critical tenet to EcoTherapy. Spending time in nature also can increase your mindfulness, gratitude, and creativity.

You might benefit from EcoTherapy if you are willing to try new things or enjoy being outside and among nature. Incorporating nature into counseling could look like going on walks or meditating outside in various natural environments, engaging in taking care of plants, flowers, or gardens, doing physical exercise outdoors, or advocating for environmental conservation by doing projects or volunteer work.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using EcoTherapy