What is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

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Somatic Experiencing Therapy is for individuals who suffer symptoms after a traumatic experience to regulate themselves through miniature exposures to things that remind them of the trauma.

If you have experienced trauma and want to seek healing, Somatic Experiencing Therapy could be a beneficial choice.

Your therapist would administer assessments and get to know you and what happened to you. Using this understanding, they would design a treatment plan. Your counselor would educate you about the nervous system, how your body attempts to regulate stressful events or situations, and how your trauma caused a malfunction within this bodily system.

Titration is the process of slowly introducing stimulation that sends your body into a fight, flight, or freeze response and is key to this therapeutic approach. Your therapist would help you recognize the sensations in your body, such as heart racing or sweating, during this stress response. Then, you would practice engaging in body-regulating techniques such as breathing exercises.

A combined understanding of your physical responses to stress and your trauma triggers can lead to greater self-awareness and healing.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Somatic Experiencing Therapy