What is Nonviolent Communication?

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Nonviolent Communication helps people learn how to communicate in a non-violent manner. It can help people with various mental health concerns and counselors pair it with other types of counseling.

NVC theorizes that people have needs they seek to have met through various ways of communicating, behaving, and relating to others. Sometimes, people communicate or behave disrespectfully to get their needs met. NVC desires to help people understand that people have a shared responsibility to communicate in respectful, healthy ways. This knowledge can lead to better relationships and a more peaceful society.

Your counselor might practice some NVC techniques with you to help you listen to others, relate to others, and better communicate your needs.

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Naureen Dharani (She Her)

New York

New York

I first and foremost come from a south asian background. Growing up, I had difficulties navigating my parents well-intentioned parenting styles which led me to becoming someone who did not know how to process emotions, communicate my needs, and accept myself for who I am. Through my own therapy I have overcome many struggles I presently observe in the South Asian community. I have to come reali...

Rodnnie Santiago-Díaz, MA, LMHC



Rodnnie Santiago has worked with clients from all age groups through various modalities for several years. He’s worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Rodnnie's therapeutic approach is trauma-informed and has holistic roots. He also has vast experience working with Latinx communities and integrating culturally-sensitive care.

Aaron Galloway



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate proudly serving the Boulder, Colorado community. It is my passion to collaborate with young adults and adults in their healing and self-discovery journeys. I strive to bring my clients cutting-edge therapy options to get to the root of their behavior patterns and help them develop updated ways of responding to their world.
My therapeutic approach is strengths-based and client-centered: I view therapy as a co-creative process in which we collaborate to meet your goals. I believe you already have the internal resources you need to heal and grow, and I am a guide. In addition to talk therapy, I utilize mind-body processes to draw out your inner strengths and resources, and to release stuck patterns that no longer se...

Lorena Abarr



These are such trying times for so many. Pandemic-related stress, grief and trauma are occurring, and for some, these are getting layered on top of grief and trauma that already existed. Online and phone therapy support is available to help navigate this time. I work with older teenagers age 18 and up and adults of all ages, offering a compassionate and holistic approach to therapy that recogni...

Marina Smerling



You’re a smart, high-achieving, self-aware woman, but worry you’re not enough and that you don’t have what it takes. You experience stress, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt on the daily. Despite your success in school or in your career, you feel shame in your core and afraid to be fully seen and known. You believe if you were somehow more “enough” – more playful, loving, communicative, intelligent...
My name is Megan Loving and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of TN and VA. I have nearly a decade of mental health experience across Northeast TN and Southwest VA. As a counselor, my personal philosophy is to be a supportive facilitator that guides you on your journey through whatever issues you have previously or are currently facing in life. I'm highly motivated and patient...

Lili Nakita Kroutilina



Are you struggling with low self esteem? Feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your life? Confused by how to set boundaries and build healthy relationships? Wanting to really know yourself and live a life with meaning and purpose? I am here for you! I can help you understand what is happening in your life and how you can heal, grow, and transform yourself to be living the life you want. I believe I...