What is Emotional Transformation Therapy?

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Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) uses brain stimulation achieved through colored lights to treat trauma and emotional pain in clients without medication or any invasive procedures. Therapists train uniquely to administer this counseling approach.

ETT requires an assessment phase, which includes a test of a person’s sensitivity to light. Sensitivity to color and eye movement produces changes in the brain which can cause quick mood changes. The therapist will use your reactions to specific light and color to tailor your counseling sessions to meet your needs.

Emotional Transformation Therapy posits that specific lights combined with colors can stimulate pathways in the brain. These pathways can trigger particular memories, sensations, thoughts, or emotions. Using the results from your assessment, your ETT therapist will then work with you to understand what comes up.

The rapid shift in emotional states is effective for treating some mental health concerns. This rapid shift can cause a greater awareness of your emotions. ETT also includes traditional talk therapy, where you and your counselor discuss things that might have come up within an ETT session.

The awareness gained from Emotional Transformation Therapy sessions can be beneficial if you’ve experienced trauma or have other mental health concerns such as anxiety or depressive disorders.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Emotional Transformation Therapy