What is Collaborative Couple Therapy?

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Collaborative Couple Therapy (CCT) encourages partners to use their fights to understand each other more deeply.

Created by Dan Wile, CCT uses communication between couples to work through any issues that might arise in the relationship.

In CCT, your therapist will analyze your and your partner’s communication patterns. They will look for signs that you or your partner have things you want to communicate but aren’t saying outright. The dynamic of not saying what you mean or not expressing your true feelings can lead to conflict in a relationship. The therapist will then assist you and your partner in revealing your genuine thoughts and feelings in a way that strengthens the relationship.

CCT also helps people listen more fully to their partners. Sharing thoughts and feelings in a safe environment leads to a more collaborative relationship.

Your therapist will intervene if an argument occurs in a session and attempt to expand upon and validate each partner’s comments. In this way, the argument leads to more understanding instead of hurt feelings, anger, and resentment.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Collaborative Couple Therapy