What is Bibliotherapy?

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Bibliotherapy uses literature to encourage therapeutic change. Life experiences can be challenging, and dealing with the emotions that arise can be complex. Often, you don’t have anything or anyone to compare these new experiences to. Sometimes, you can find comfort between the pages of a book in a character’s experiences. Or, you might find solace in the words of poetry that explain a complex emotion you’re struggling to articulate.

You can read various books that demonstrate concepts that your therapist might emphasize in therapy, such as self-empowerment, healthy relationships, communication, and working through trauma. Your therapist may choose some literature because of specific elements the books illustrate or for imaginative creativity.

Bibliotherapy can be particularly beneficial for children. Introducing complex topics such as depression, grief, or trauma can be easier when using characters to tell a story.

In individual or group therapy, literature for therapeutic purposes is beneficial for various mental health concerns. By helping you gain personal insight, perspective, and an outward expression of inward emotional experiences, Bibliotherapy is an excellent choice for anyone seeking mental health treatment.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Bibliotherapy