Are You Struggling With White Privilege and Fragility?

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White privilege refers to the advantages that white people receive in society at the expense of people of color. White fragility is a condition experienced by white people who refuse to admit their role in systems of discrimination or have great trouble and hesitancy to do so.

Available Treatment Options

People of color who seek counseling may suffer the consequences of white privilege and fragility. For this reason, multicultural counseling aims to name these disadvantages and allow People of Color to process their anger or sadness about their marginalized status in a safe, validating space.

White people may seek counseling to confront their white privilege and fragility, wherein counselors and therapists can assist them in self-reflection. Therapists can also guide white people toward ways they can contribute to antiracist efforts.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With White Privilege and Fragility