Are You Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts and Ideation?

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Suicidal thoughts and ideation are when a person thinks about killing themselves. People must receive mental health assistance when dealing with thoughts about harming themselves because suicidal ideation can escalate into a person taking action.

People can experience suicidal ideation due to other mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder.

Available Treatment Options

Therapy for suicidal ideation includes crisis intervention techniques, which involve creating safety plans. Safety planning gives someone a clear plan for if they have thoughts about suicide by identifying their triggers and safe people to contact and places to go when those thoughts happen. It also provides them reasons to continue living and coping mechanisms to use at the moment, such as grounding techniques.

Sometimes, people are safest if they receive inpatient psychological help when they have suicidal thoughts so they have access to safe people and therapists who can ensure they don’t harm themselves.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts and Ideation

Chelsea Kuehl, MA, LMFT, CATC-IV

Los Angeles


Chelsea utilizes evidenced based practices to teach clients the skills to more fully engage in their life.  As part of this, Chelsea works with clients to balance acceptance and change.  Balancing acceptance and change assists clients to navigate facts of their lives while working to problem solve areas where change is desired.  As part of this, there is a focus on becoming more skillful in emo...
Sol Therapy is a 100% teletherapy practice offering video and phone sessions. I believe therapy should be accessible to EVERYONE. Therefore, I offer a “Pay What You Can” Scale. After the initial consultation call, if it’s deemed that we are a good fit and you are committed to coming to therapy and working on your goals, then we will work together to find an option that works for you!
Certified Nurse Practitioner board certified in psychiatry and addictions. Solo practitioner with over two decades of experience. My client base is patients 17 years of age and upwards. I find that treating people  and being part of their life’s journey is the greatest experience I have ever had. It is a privilege to be invited into their inner most thoughts. For decades  treating people with a...