Are You Struggling With Social Phobia?

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Social phobia is when a person experiences great fear or anxiety when around others in social situations. Known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), social phobia can lead to missed social commitments or interactions, feeling disconnected, or increased anxiety.

Available Treatment Options

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) effectively treats SAD and other anxiety disorders. CBT for SAD includes addressing irrational beliefs, such as a person’s feelings of embarrassment or inadequacy. Addressing and disputing these unhelpful patterns of thought leads to changes in behavior. Counselors may also encourage self-inquiry so a person can gain confidence and self-assuredness. Therapists can also work with people to practice social skills that help guide them in social situations.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Social Phobia




At One Behavioral, I treat a variety of patients that include ages 18 and up and all socioeconomic ranges. Between our five locations, I aim to provide our patients with whatever they may need through our outpatient programs.

Stephen Schubert, LPC



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor partnering with adults seeking help with trauma/PTSD, anxiety and depression since 2010. I utilize EMDR, person centered, collaborative, strength based, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness based, solution focused and emotionally focused approaches to therapy always maintaining the creativity, flexibility and awareness necessary to best meet the needs of ever...

Birch Cooper, LMHC

New York

New York

I believe everyone has a time in their life when they could benefit from additional support. When facing life’s challenges, it is helpful to know that there is a place you can turn to for help and guidance. I understand finding a therapist can be anxiety inducing, rest assured I provide a comfortable space that is safe, accepting and judgement free. This and my authentic and empathetic therapeu...

Brenda Swift, MS, LPC



Are you always tired or sleeping too little or too much? Do you have headaches and stress? Are you bored with your life, but don’t know what you enjoy or what interests you? Maybe it’s time for a change, but you can’t let go of the past. I specialize in helping depressed and anxious people analyze and see their circumstances differently. I consider the whole body. How you live, eat, sleep, and...