Are You Struggling With Sexual Abuse?

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Sexual abuse is the act of unwanted sexual contact. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone of any gender or age. Sexual abuse can also lead to various mental health disorders, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, suicidal thoughts, and personality disorders.

Recovering from a traumatic event such as sexual abuse can be difficult. Still, many counseling interventions are available, and therapists are ready to figure out what works best for each person.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling may involve processing the traumatic event or events, understanding emotions related to the abuse, and developing coping mechanisms that ease symptoms of mental health conditions related to the abuse.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Sexual Abuse

Erin Falconer, PhD, MSc, LMSW

New York

New York

I aim to create a safe space to collaboratively process trauma and work on issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic illness, relationship struggles, abuse, life and career concerns, and issues around identity and creative expression. I also specialize in helping people recover from coercive control and influence, including survivors of cultic abuse and high demand groups.

Kayte Heslet, MS, LMFT

Sherman Oaks


I have specialized areas of experience/in-depth training in healing from trauma of many kinds, including abuse and Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN); working with the kinds of anxiety and depression that seem to be well on the way toward burnout; helping individuals who are struggling within their relationships; and assisting stepmoms/future stepmoms in managing the unique dynamics and stressor...

Stephanie Mason, LMFT



Together, we will create a space of emotional safety where you feel seen, heard and understood. My specialty is in Complex Trauma, Chronic Pain, PTSD and Low Self Esteem. Call today for a free consultation!
Behavioral health, wellness, and coaching services, providing behavioral medicine services and education for individuals, couples, children, and families with a wide variety of problems. Treatment provided by therapists, dieticians, life coaches, health coaches, and relationship coaches to meet specific needs.

Pa Tou Vue, MS, LPCC

North Saint Paul


TELEHEALTH ONLY Hello! I am a licensed professional clinical counselor in Minnesota and am also fully licensed as a Professional Counselor in Wisconsin. I have worked with clients throughout the lifespan struggling with a range of issues including but not limited to domestic violence, physical/sexual abuse, assault, neglect, grief, relationship struggles, other life transitions, and parenting…

Susanna Elliot, LMFTA, CCTS


North Carolina

Susanna is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate. She specializes in the treatment of complex trauma, dissociative disorders, and pregnancy & infant loss. She holds a Master of Arts in Marriage, Family, & Individual Counseling and is a fully trained EMDR Therapist. She also holds an advanced studies Certificate in Complex Trauma & Dissociation from The International...