Are You Struggling With Paranoia and Paranoid Personality?

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Paranoia is a feeling of suspicion, often that someone or something intends to cause a person harm. Paranoid Personality Disorder is patterns of thoughts colored by paranoia that lead to distrust of those around them. People with PPD tend to not open up to people and lack close personal relationships. They fear that if they become close to people, those people will want to harm them. The cause of PPD and other personality disorders is unknown, but many mental health professionals believe childhood trauma is a factor.

Available Treatment Options

Therapists addressing PPD may include examining past trauma, resolving or addressing the trauma, and developing social skills. It also may include cognitive interventions that allow the counselor and the person to explore and address unhelpful thought patterns.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Paranoia and Paranoid Personality