Are You Struggling With Infidelity and Affairs?

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People in relationships may encounter partners being unfaithful or engaging in affairs. Partners may choose to go to couples counseling, where a therapist trained in relationship dynamics can help them decide if they want to continue the relationship. If so, they can then assist them in rebuilding trust and establishing healthier ways of communicating.

Available Treatment Options

First, a couples therapist will work with partners to establish their goals. From there, they work to build emotional safety between partners. Then, partners can process their emotions related to the hurt of the infidelity and the relationship. There are different modalities couples therapists may choose, such as experiential therapy with roleplays or emotion-focused therapy with accessing emotions and reframing. Partners and counselors work together to find the best therapeutic approach for them and their relationship.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Infidelity and Affairs