Are You Struggling With Drug Dependence and Abuse?

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Drug dependence and abuse, also known as substance use disorder, can wreak havoc on an individual’s life. People with substance use disorder often deal with trauma or another mental health condition that leads them to cope with substances.

Available Treatment Options

Inpatient treatment often involves a period of detoxing while simultaneously engaging in individual and group counseling.

Therapy aims to prevent relapse and develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress and triggering emotions or situations, so the person doesn’t turn to substances again.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Drug Dependence and Abuse

Red Pine Counseling


North Carolina

With everything we do, we aim to positively impact you. We strive to provide high quality mental health care in a way that is convenient, practical, and meaningful to clients. Our approach is client centered and tailored to your specific needs.

Naureen Dharani (She Her)

New York

New York

I first and foremost come from a south asian background. Growing up, I had difficulties navigating my parents well-intentioned parenting styles which led me to becoming someone who did not know how to process emotions, communicate my needs, and accept myself for who I am. Through my own therapy I have overcome many struggles I presently observe in the South Asian community. I have to come reali...
Certified Nurse Practitioner board certified in psychiatry and addictions. Solo practitioner with over two decades of experience. My client base is patients 17 years of age and upwards. I find that treating people  and being part of their life’s journey is the greatest experience I have ever had. It is a privilege to be invited into their inner most thoughts. For decades  treating people with a...

Haley Morris



I feel so fortunate to being doing what I absolutely love. My passion is to help individuals and couples live their most beneficial and rewarding lives. I have worked extensively with grief, specifically transitional grief, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, and much more. I am of Christian faith but am open to working with any religious orientations. I have had ...