Are You Struggling With Body Image Issues?

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People can experience body image issues at any point. Women are more likely to seek counseling for body image issues than men, but people of all genders may experience body image issues from time to time. Body image issues can lead to disordered eating or clinically diagnosed eating disorders, so counseling interventions should improve a person’s relationship with their body so a disorder doesn’t progress.

Available Treatment Options

Therapist interventions for those experiencing body image issues might include work on self-worth, confidence, and self-love. People with past trauma may benefit from addressing it to increase their self-worth and heal their body image issues.

Counseling interventions may also practice stopping or changing unhelpful patterns of thinking that lead to a negative focus on the body. Additionally, therapists may choose to engage in conversations about the societal barriers that contribute to a culture of body shame and discuss how that affects the individual.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Body Image Issues

Margaret Dunn, LPC, FMHC, CLC

O Fallon


I specialize in working with individuals who want to reclaim their freedom from those self-defeating thoughts and attitudes, those old hurtful emotions that STILL influence the decisions they make today and help them achieve the health, success and happiness they desire so they can LIFE THEIR BEST LIFE EVER!

Breanna Peter, MS, LMFT



Breanna is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys supporting those through an attachment and trauma-informed lens. Providing support and creating safety for individuals in their healing journey, and support and knowledge for parents in navigating the demands of care.
My approach to therapy is grounded in the belief and understanding that the ability to heal and grow is inherent within every human being, and that every human has within them the strengths and wisdom needed to do so.