Carl P Heinemeyer

Therapist in Connecticut


School: Fairfield University (MA) & Columbia University (MSSW)

Year Graduated: 1989

License: Connecticut / 003064

Who I Serve

Whether you are dealing with issues of Depression, Anxiety, difficulties with relationships or past Trauma, my training is geared toward helping you deal with life by giving you the skills to carry on with living. I do this by helping you discover what "emotional buttons" from your past are triggered by present events. In many cases, just this awareness can lead people to stop making choices based on what feels most "comfortable", and I support them in selecting the choice works that is most effective for them. I treat people without judgement and with compassion, and I help them to be more compassionate with themselves. I have over 36 years of experience in the field and have been trained in CBT by Aaron and Judith Beck, Schema Therapy by Jeffrey Young, and DBT by Charles Swenson who helped Marsha Linehan develop DBT. I have also been trained in EMDR by EMDR HAP which helps clients who remain troubled by past traumatic events. I encourage you to consider giving me a call to discuss if

Contact Information

Hawleyville, CT 06440

Hawleyville, CT 06440