What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy?

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Transpersonal Psychotherapy focuses on a client’s innate ability to foster spirituality, mind-body connection, mindfulness, and consciousness to lead to healing. It focuses on human growth and development and the spiritual aspects of humanity.

Transpersonal Psychology desires to discover human potential. It integrates spirituality, emotions, intellect, social aspects, and existential questions to facilitate growth. It assumes that our souls are learning and growing in each phase of life and that the counseling process is one of spiritual growth.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy engages clients in the process of discovering higher meaning in life. This approach might be helpful for individuals seeking to grow spiritually.

Your therapist won’t necessarily have specific techniques that they use. Instead, they’ll guide you to discovering and developing the connection you have with your humanity.

Achieving self-actualization is another goal of Transpersonal Psychotherapy. You and your therapist will work together in the counseling space to address questions of love, life, humanity, and striving toward living your ultimate truth.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Transpersonal Psychotherapy

As an integrative psychiatric provider, I take a holistic and comprehensive approach to mental health care and blend both conventional psychiatry with complementary approaches. My focus is beyond treating symptoms and takes into consideration the gut-brain connection, genetics, interpersonal, lifestyle, and environmental contributions to create a personalized treatment plan, enhance self care, ...