What is Sand Tray Therapy?

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Sand Tray Therapy is for children and adolescents. It uses small toys and figurines in a sandbox to recreate life experiences, express emotions, or illustrate concepts.

Therapists use various small toys and objects, such as dolls, beads, play animals, trinkets, and paper. There is usually a sandbox or a table capable of holding sand in the middle of the counseling space, where the child can sit on one side, and the counselor can sit on the other.

Sand Tray Therapy can be helpful for children, teens, or even adults and couples with various mental health concerns. Sand Tray Therapy can be beneficial for non-verbal children or children who best express themselves through showing, not talking.

A Sand Tray therapist may introduce sand play work to children who experienced trauma. A counselor that uses this approach may ask the child to recreate a scene related to their traumatic experience. This ability to express what happened from their viewpoint using a comforting medium can be therapeutic for children and highly enlightening for counselors.

Your therapist may ask you to create a scene that expresses your emotions from the past week. They may ask you some questions about why you placed which figures or objects where. Through this discussion, you are likely to gain a greater awareness of your experience.

The sand tray acts as a space for you to express a problem or situation that you already know that you can heal from.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Sand Tray Therapy

Larry J Colby



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El Paso


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Danielle Gonzales



Are you looking for help with your child’s difficult behaviors, emotional struggles, and support through life changes? Are you a parent that feels uncertain or overwhelmed and needs some support? Do you need space to uncover the insights you hold within and strengthen your relationship with your self, child, or family? 
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