What is Psychosynthesis?

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Psychosynthesis helps people achieve self-actualization, which is when a person feels congruent, satisfied with their life, and appreciates the present moment.

Psychosynthesis uses techniques like developing empathy, engaging in introspection, and synthesizing the various parts of a person to become more integrated. This approach combines a person’s emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical aspects into therapy.

A session of Psychosynthesis involves some discussion about the unconscious, which lives within you without you knowing it. It can include repressed memories or primal urges. Introspection is encouraged in Psychosynthesis, which is an empathic look at the self and the ways a person lives their life and engages with their emotional states. Your counselor may encourage you to journal or engage in guided visualizations to develop your ability to introspect.

Psychosynthesis attempts to help people integrate part of themselves they didn’t know about or had forgotten to experience life fully.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Psychosynthesis