What is Mentalization-Based Therapy?

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Mentalization-Based Therapy helps individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. MBT posits that people with BPD have issues seeing how their mental states affect their actions, specifically their interpersonal relationships. This ability is called “mentalization.”

MBT’s goal is to help people’s capacity for mentalization. The first step in MBT is to name and understand emotional states, including emotions, thoughts about feelings, and gut reactions to situations. After practicing understanding emotions, your MBT counselor will help you employ strategies to regulate your emotional expressions. MBT also aims to increase your self-regulatory ability, so you don’t act impulsively on emotion.

From there, your MBT therapist continues the process of helping you understand your various emotional states throughout your life experiences. This greater understanding leads to self-awareness, which also can help you manage your reactions to emotions.

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder benefit from MBT, but anyone interested in emotional regulation or developing interpersonal relationships can too.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Mentalization-Based Therapy

Bryan Young, LPC



Wylie Community counlseing helps indivduals familes and couples struggleing with mental health and equps them to build lasting realtionships.

Art Therapy Houston



Art Therapy Houston provides art therapy and counseling services to children, adults, adolescents, and families. We specialize in assisting individuals as they adjust through transitions. Art therapy applies visual arts and the creative process to support, maintain, and enhance health. Like other forms of psychotherapy, art therapy encourages growth and self-awareness. It provides a safe way of...
If you're feeling off balance - challenged by life's transitions, significant loss, difficult emotions, feelings of confusion, or relationship problems - therapy can help. My view towards therapy is “there is more right with you, than wrong with you." This was said by Jon Kabat Zinn, an early champion of mindfulness in the U.S., and it points to our inherent strengths. I believe we all have the...

Olivia Mandelbaum

New York

New York

I am a NY State licensed psychologist with a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I specialize in therapy for adolescents and younger adults suffering from past traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, and low self-worth. My intention is to create a safe and compassionate space to help individuals better understand and overcome blocks in self-acceptance and interpersonal...

Dorothy Jean Anderson



I work with a wide age range of clients. I believe there is a real value in psychotherapy across the developmental spectrum. I enjoy working with new parents and their infants, children and their families, adolescents and young adults to the mature and elderly. Every stage has its challenges and its potential for growth. I have been trained in traditional psychotherapy, behavioral/cognitive...
* I am currently not accepting new clients * For the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working with young adults and adults who have struggled with chronic illness, addiction, life and career transitions and relationship stressors. I come from a solution-oriented perspective and work collaboratively with individuals to identify healthy ways of moving forward in their lives. I support th...
My expertise in borderline personality disorder treatment helps clients and their families in the Bay Area with personality, mood and anxiety disorders. At Mind Therapy Clinic, I work with adolescents, adults, families and couples to help restore mental health, well-being, understanding and balance to important relationships. Together with clients, I focus on teaching the skills necessary to...

Nicole Rothman



Nicole has over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, ranging from school and agency to private practice settings. Nicole practices from a person-centered, holistic approach, eluding significant value on the therapeutic relationship in order to initiate an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. Nicole's ideal client has a readiness to...

Ljiljana Zecevic

New York

New York

As a psychologist, I help people address their struggles and reach their potential. I pay careful attention to the establishment of a safe, trusting environment where people feel heard, seen, and supported. I have come to recognize the issues that come along with our attempts to cope with challenges that life presents. We often use strategies that might have been useful in the past and are less...
We all have our answers inside ourselves. Some of us have answers that are closer to the surface. Some of us have answers that are deeper and harder to get to. It can be frustrating to reach out for help but be met with a counseling approach that is not helpful to you. One counseling approach that works for one person will not work well with another. I work to understand your perspective of you...
Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships with your co-workers, neighbors, children, spouse, siblings or parents? MBTI and Enneagram of Personality informed to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses in relationships- including the relationship with yourself! You will benefit from working with a therapist who starts in the here and now... the place and time the struggles are...
Toss out what you think about couples and individual therapy. Instead come in for easy-going and enjoyable sessions that will give you results. You will learn concrete strategies based on research, neuroscience, personality type, and my 20+ years of experience as a therapist. Get from where you are to where you want to be. I have training in Gottman Couples Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy,...