What is Human Givens?

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Human Givens Therapy (HG) asserts that humans share physical and emotional needs that they must connect with the external world to have fulfilled. These needs include necessities such as food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as intimacy, attention, and feelings of efficacy. People also need privacy, autonomy, connection, feelings of importance, and overall life purpose and meaning. People are more likely to experience mental health concerns if these needs go unmet.

The HG therapist will work with the client to identify areas where they are lacking and develop solutions for getting their needs met.

HG therapists usually couple HG with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It works well for clients who experience substance use, isolation, challenges with stress management, or financial distress. In some cases, HG has worked for teens experiencing anxiety or depression and veterans experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Find a Therapist Who Offers Human Givens as a Treatment Option

Katherine Vilnrotter

Acorn ParkPortland


I’m Katherine Vilnrotter. I believe that every person is important and has a voice to be heard. The stories we align ourselves with, determine our perceptions of ourselves, our situations, and others. The richer the story, the more useful tools it has to offer us on our journey. The beauty of a story is its fluidity; it is always changing, evolving, and transforming along with the characters it...

Deborah Shumate


North Carolina

Grief and loss, suicide bereavement, crisis and trauma - this is where I can be of most help to you. Being a Compassionate Bereavement Care provider allows me to meet you where you are in your grief and help you be present to this human experience. Having lost a parent to suicide when I was seventeen and tragically losing an adult child, I can bring a special understanding to our time together....

Judy Ann Stubanas


North Carolina

New clients accepted for teletherapy via a secure link. Please know you will receive ethical, non-judgmental, confidential and compassionate counseling. When any type of stress or trauma, PTSD or chronic pain becomes overwhelming, I will assist you assist you in finding ways to meet your overall physical and emotional needs in balance. As a counselor and a nurse, I want to provide hope, resourc...