What is Guided Imagery?

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Guided Imagery is a relaxation technique used for people with various mental health concerns, including anxiety disorders, panic disorders, trauma disorders, and substance use issues.

Guided Imagery uses the mind to recall or imagine a pleasant scenario. Some people might refer to it as a person visiting their “happy place” in their mind. The idea is that the individual takes themself, mentally, to a place where they can be calm and at peace.

For people attempting to manage stress, Guided Imagery can be a technique that they engage in when they recognize they are feeling overwhelmed. They can take a few moments, practice some deep breathing, and go to a peaceful place in their mind without physically going anywhere.

People who deal with anxiety may find themselves particularly anxious in a crowded situation. In these moments, their counselor may encourage them to find a safe, quiet place to stay while they breathe and close their eyes. Then, they could engage in Guided Imagery by imagining themselves in a place that isn’t crowded and instead puts them in a state of relaxation.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Guided Imagery