Are You Struggling With Toxic Masculinity?

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Toxic masculinity is a social phenomenon that encourages problematic behavior, such as violence and aggression. It also encourages problematic attitudes and beliefs, such as the notion that men should never show emotion. Toxic masculinity contributes to adverse outcomes in mental health for men as it enforces social norms that men don’t need emotional assistance, shouldn’t show emotions, and need to handle issues with physical aggression.

Available Treatment Options

A counselor or therapist can help men address these issues, examine their core beliefs related to masculinity and what that means, and help them resolve to employ coping mechanisms other than violence and emotional avoidance to live their lives more fully.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Toxic Masculinity

Katherine Mahan, LPC, NCC



I am a licensed professional counselor with a decade of post-graduate clinical experience. I’m also a human being who’s living in this beautiful, challenging world, just like you. My strengths as a clinician include forging strong relationships with my clients and providing them with various resources to help them better understand themselves and the world.
I specialize in helping people restore health and balance back to their lives using a strength-based and solution focused approach. It’s my belief that everyone deserves to experience the best version of themselves no matter what conditions they may find themselves in. I’m offering video counseling at this time with a specific focus on assisting men with managing their stress, improving...