Are You Struggling With Physical Disability?

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Differently-abled people may face discrimination in society. This discrimination can cause distress, shame, anger, and other difficult emotional states that could lead to mental health concerns. Counselors can work with those differently-abled to learn more about their particular situation and assess how therapy can best help them individually.

People who have been through an injury and have lost some physical capabilities may need to grieve, making grief counseling an option. Others may also have trauma related to physical conditions.

Available Treatment Options

Therapists and counseling professionals recognize the implications of social stigma on a person and actively advocate sensitively for those with physical disabilities. Differently-abled people may benefit from cognitive or behavioral interventions, mindfulness techniques, or group therapy.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Physical Disability

Christina Osborne



You bite back scathing, sarcastic cynicism when your excessively upbeat idiot coworker asks if you have a case of the Mondays. You’re too smart for this. You never wanted this job. You fell into it years ago, and the money keeps you shackled. Everything else is gone. Lovers can’t handle your bitterness. You inherited a backlog of awful, so you cut family out years ago. You got a bum deal; a lif...

Lydiamor Tourino

San Jose


***NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME. PLEASE REACH OUT ONLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PLACED ON THE WAITLIST OR WOULD LIKE A LIST OF OTHER THERAPISTS TO REACH OUT TO***It can be hard to deal with changes in our lives especially if it is out of our control. Sometimes we don't notice our capabilities until we experience situations that cause chaos in our daily lives impacting our relationships...
As a therapist and clinician, I am dedicated to supporting, accompanying, and empowering Triangle NC and surrounding area clients on their journeys through trying times. Within the therapeutic alliance, I employ goal centered, evidence based methods, usually centered in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to maximize quality of life and bring about a healthier, more peaceful existence, as well ...

Amanda Marie Velez



My passion is helping individuals on their journey toward healing. I serve individuals, couples and families, and am trained to incorporate the influence of broader environmental factors within my evidence-based and individualized practice. I take a humanistic approach with everyone I work with and strive to care for the whole person in addition to what may bring someone to treatment. I utilize...
To schedule your first visit with me, please use this online scheduling link - ( --- As a client centered therapist, my focus is on helping you feel better, stronger, and more confident at dealing with the issues that are leading to distress in your life and relationships. Although exploring distressing emotions and experiences may make you feel vulnerab...