Are You Struggling With Chronic Relapse?

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Relapse is when someone with a substance use disorder who has been sober falls back into using. Relapses are common for individuals dealing with substance use disorder, but they can be devastating and dangerous. Chronic relapse feels like an endless cycle of lost hope, both for the individual experiencing it and the people who care about them. A critical component of recovery is maintaining reliable support and routines. Addiction recovery centers and rehabilitation facilities play a significant role in helping people with substance use disorders maintain this sense of stability.

Available Treatment Options

Relapse prevention is an approach to therapy that helps people recognize their triggers like emotional states, physical places, or experiences. Therapists and individuals work together to develop cognitive and behavioral strategies that reduce the likelihood that the person will relapse. Support groups and group therapy may also be helpful and effective in preventing relapse.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Chronic Relapse