Are You Struggling With Attachment Disorder?

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Attachment is a bond that occurs between parent and child. If a child is adequately cared for, attended to, and loved, they should grow up to be well adjusted and have healthy relationships. If a child doesn’t have a strong emotional bond with an immediate caregiver, they may grow up to have unhealthy relationships.

Available Treatment Options

Therapy for attachment issues involves exploring a person’s past: their childhood, how they related to their caregivers, and whether the emotional bonds were strong and healthy. If not, therapist interventions can help people address this trauma and pursue healthier relationships in their adult life.

Focusing on a person’s past, exploring the effects of the attachment bond, and understanding how these effects continue are therapeutic interventions used for attachment issues.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Attachment Disorder

I work with adolescents and adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, complex trauma, women’s issues, narcissistic abuse, attachment issues, and personality disorders. I also work with couples to improve communication, develop healthy conflict-resolution skills, and create a long-term family vision and mission that restores harmony in everyday life.

K. Chinwe Idigo, PhD


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