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l listen to help you feel heard. You are strong and are living with the pain. I help you learn to cope with traumatic events that have occurred before age 18 or as an adult. This can include witnessing violence in the community or home, abuse, family conflict, loss, or any significant event that had an impact on your life. I will work with you on approaching challenges with an open mind and use your natural born strengths to overcome difficult experiences. I offer specialized care in the area of trauma with use of EMDR for relief of symptoms associated with PTSD. I incorporate mindfulness as a way of helping you pay attention to physical sensations associated with stress. Resilience is a core factor which makes relief a possibility in treatment of PTSD. I know times are uncertain right now and we want to make sure you get the care you need. I am here as a support to assist you through the healing process. I am offering teletherapy for easy access to virtual sessions.

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Intuitive Care Therapy Wilmington, DE 19809

Intuitive Care Therapy Wilmington, DE 19809