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Does Health Care Service Corporation Cover Therapy?

HCSC insurance offers some level of coverage for behavioral health and substance use treatments.

The copay for behavioral health coverage is dependent upon the member plan. You also may need a referral for mental health services, depending on your plan.

Most members older than 13 years of age have free access to an independent company called Learn to Live, which offers around-the-clock mental health assessments and online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for mild to moderate depression, substance use, social anxiety, insomnia and stress, worry, and anxiety.

There are two primary ways to check your HCSC coverage. First, you can log in to your member page online. You’ll choose which state you’re in and enter your username and password. Another option is to call an HCSC representative. When you contact them, they will be able to look up your policy and answer specific questions about coverage.
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