What is Voice Therapy?

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Voice Therapy helps individuals who have suffered an injury or are experiencing other difficulties with their voice to regain use and strength. Accidents, neurological conditions, cancer, surgeries, and other occurrences can lead to voice damage, damage to the vocal cords, paralysis of the vocal cords, or other issues that cause speaking problems.

Voice therapists train specially to help you with exercises to strengthen your voice. These specialists are usually Speech-Language Pathologists with years of schooling.

Techniques voice therapists may use include exercises to strengthen your vocal cords, posture exercises, breathing exercises that allow for more control over your voice, or even speaking differently.

Sometimes, Voice Therapy can be used to prevent future problems that might occur for people who use their voice professionally by teaching people proper vocal hygiene and safe ways to sing and speak. Singers and actors may use this specialty.

Voice Therapy is also utilized at times for transgender clients if they want to alter how their voice sounds. Specifically, your therapist will conduct an interview and assessment to see what specific issues you encounter with your speech. Then, they will employ specific techniques to see what is most effective at alleviating the problem.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Voice Therapy

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