What is Voice Dialogue?

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Voice Dialogue sets forth that each individual has different parts of their psyche. Each person deserves to give these parts of themself a voice. Your therapist will help you engage these parts of yourself in a dialogue to foster self-awareness.

Voice Dialogue can help clients to assuage their conflicting thoughts or feelings, negative emotions, and problematic patterns in relationships.

Voice Dialogue can be helpful for individuals who want to engage in the process of self-discovery and gain self-awareness and insight. By understanding each part of yourself, you can begin to understand where conflicting values or emotions might come from. You also can gain insight and empathy toward choices you made that harmed you or self-sabotaging behaviors or patterns of thinking you maintain.

Voice Dialogue’s goal is to respect, love, and balance all parts of yourself so you make decisions that serve you best as a human being. You can gain awareness skills, self-expression, creativity, empathy, and self-communication by utilizing Voice Dialogue.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Voice Dialogue