What is Thought Field Therapy?

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Thought Field Therapy uses ideas about energy flow in the body to facilitate therapeutic change and growth. It states that you can’t address mental health concerns through talking or other traditional therapeutic tactics.

Thought Field Therapy uses “algorithms” that allow TFT practitioners to guide individuals through a series of tapping exercises. The fingertips produce the tapping motions under the eyebrows, the collarbones, mid-back, and arm. A person taps five to seven times in a sequence. While tapping, they think of thoughts or emotions they wanted to rid themselves of or ease the effects of.

The approach can help individuals deal with stress, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, depression, sleep disorders, phobias, grief, addiction, and other mental health concerns.

If you’re interested in TFT, your counselor will assess your mental health concerns and then teach you how to engage in therapeutic tapping.

Therapists Who Specialize in UsingThought Field Therapy

I use Thought Field Therapy to have you evolve from Victim to Survivor and ultimately to Prevail over your Trauma. No matter how long ago you experienced your traumatic event(s)...