What is Neuropsychology?

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Neuropsychology combines psychology and neuroscience to understand how the brain and nervous system influence human behavior.

Neuropsychology informs a lot of counseling approaches, and its continued study is vital to the field of counseling as a whole to better understand human behavior. It is not an approach to counseling. Instead, it is a vital aspect of developing effective counseling interventions. Neuropsychology helps counselors understand various neurological diseases, mental health diagnoses, and how brain injuries can affect humans’ behavior.

Neuropsychologists can administer tests for memory disorders, learning difficulties, mood disorders, and nervous system dysfunctions. They may use psychological testing and brain scans to paint a full picture of concerns. They can help people understand how their brain affects their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Your therapist could help you create a treatment plan if you’re dealing with neurological issues. They could prescribe medication and suggest surgery, rehabilitation therapy, or counseling to help you feel better.

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